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Martyn 10
01 Dec 2020

Great bit of kit, saved so much time and effort when rodding for one point to another, it’s brilliant that you can put an attachment off the front (like a magnet/hook) to help grab a cable/rod

Rudo 10
01 Dec 2020

Cette caméra d'inspection et de guidage est juste parfaite pour mes chantiers. Étant électricien Cette caméra m'a déjà sorti de beaucoup de situation compliquée . Et la connexion Wi-Fi et la qualité d'image en font un produit d'une superbe qualité professionnelle.

Matt Rockenbauer 10
01 Dec 2020

Brilliant product, one of those must haves in the van!

The amount of times it has got me out of a huge problem when it comes to retrieving cables or even just inspecting for routes etc.

Definitely 10/10 product

Martin Chandler 10
01 Dec 2020

Very glad I got one of these, debated it for a while as I’d used other inspection style cameras in the past and they’d served a purpose but were a bit of a gimmick, but this now has a permanent place in my bag. Quality is great, it goes where I can’t and has gotten me out of a couple of binds in the short time I’ve had it, overall this is a must have!

Philip Thompson 10
01 Dec 2020

Fantastic bit of kit, mated with the super rod mega set this has pulled me out of some holes and saved hours of labour time, colleague recently added 1 to his arsenal after trying mine out a few times.

Chris womack  10
01 Dec 2020

Purchased to use initially on inspections in commercial premises but has come in handy for so many situations saving time. Vital part of my kit bag and essential tool when pulling cables through voids, quality of images is excellent allowing customer to see exactly what we find. Worth every penny

Craig Holt 7
28 Feb 2020

Range is not very good