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Bobert 10
04 Feb 2016

Expensive, well yes. But.....
"The quality will remain long after the price is forgotten"
(Henry Royce)

Phil123 10
10 Sep 2013

A little review on the cable rods. I got a cheap or maybe not so cheap at 30 quid set from the wholesalers once and had half a day out of them. Shame the same could not be said about the fibreglass in my fingers that lasted till i got home and the missus pulled it out for me just before the infection started lol. I have been the proud and happy owner of "cable rods" mega set. Never looked back. I have managed to break 1 in 4 years or so of owning them and tbh it was through abuse that it snapped. Customer service is brill too as I asked for a replacement tube and was more than happy to pay for it or at least the postage but they sent it foc and would not hear of charging for even the p&p. great product followed up by great customer service.

f57 10
18 Jun 2013

This kit has all of the tools you will need for serious wire fishing. The rods themselves are extremely durable. I use rods on a daily basis and have normally had to replace my rods after six months of use. The Super Rods are holding up nicely, without any fiberglass splinters. If you wire fish on a regular basis, the time these rods will save you makes the investment worth the price.