Malcolm Duncun
Managing Director

Joined Super Rod: 2007
Likes: Travel
Dislikes: Procrastination
Catchphrase: “You don’t need eyes to see you need vision.”
Pets: Dog
Items You Couldn’t Live Without: Walking Shoes

Sue Morgan
General Manager

Joined Super Rod: 2003
Favourite Drink: Bacardi and Coke
Vehicle: VW Transporter
Favourite Colour: Red
Pets: Too many!
Favourite Ice Cream: Mintilicious

Gina Dunn
Key Account Manager

Joined Super Rod: 2003
Hobbies: Gardening, cooking
Favourite Drink: Cider
Catchphrase: “Seriously!”, “Gert Lush!”
Pets: A dog called Glen
Favourite Film: Into The Wild

Brian Thomas
Production Manager

Joined Super Rod: 2006
Dislikes: Questionnaires
Favourite Food: Home cooked Sunday lunch
Favourite Colour: Heliotrope
Favourite Band: Jools Holland And His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra
Favourite Film: Zulu

Kim Stephens

Joined Super Rod: 2015
Hobbies: The Gym
Favourite Food: Indian cuisine
Favourite Colour: Blue
Item You Couldn’t Live Without: Phone
Favourite Drink: Strawberry daiquiri

Claire Roberts

Joined Super Rod: 2001
Likes: Holidays
Favourite Food: Chicken
Favourite Ice Cream: Chocolate
Item You Couldn’t Live Without: My son
Favourite Band: Take That

Vicky Molloy
Design & Development

Joined Super Rod: 2017
Likes: Books, Art & Music
Favourite Drink: Cider
Pets: Two Cats (Simba & Marmalade) & four goldfish
Favourite Film: Jurassic Park
Favourite Food: Sunday Roast

Sam Horseman
Distributor Support

Joined Super Rod: 2012
Hobbies: Audiobooks
Favourite Food: Calzone
Favourite Drink: Brains SA Beer
Item You Couldn’t Live Without: Internet
Favourite TV Series: Game Of Thrones